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I am a parent of a 12 year old learning disabled child with behavioral problems.

I employed a behavioral therapist after finding him advertised in my local Queens Parent Guide Magazine.The ad was eye-catching and too good to be true.

So I contacted the Clinical Director Dr.

Jeffrey J. Felixbrod. He promised 100 percent results at our first telephone free session. So after hearing what he so convincely offered we were sold.

He employed a co worker named Chris G.who came to my home for 16 weeks and charged $300.00 a session. He did nothing more than the usual social worker and dumped my son at the end. They were just interested in the money. At the end of our session they would continue to question us about our financial situation,worrying if we had a problem paying them.

They did nothing to help my son and I want other parents to bewary of this come on, too good to be true doctor. He in my opinion he was a fake and a real fraud.

Don't be fooled.



These are all lies. My child is a client of his and he never promises 100% results and doesn't harp on money, if anything he tries to accommodate us, including offering payment plans, inexpensive versions of products we need (he suggested something we were already looking into so he wasn't pushing anything on us), etc.

Harrison Township, Michigan, United States #29216

dr. Jeff felixbrod

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